The Muppet Christmas Carol

We watch and Review one of our favorite Christmas movies. We also have a number of fun facts and things to watch out for. All this and Christmas music. Leave a feedback or review of your own at, call us at (206) 426-4305 or visit us at

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High School Musical 3

This episode we do something a little different. Instead of watching a vintage movie at home and reviewing it, we join Scott as he watches his frost High School Musical Movie, HSM3 at his part time job as a projectionist. He's not too crazy about seeing it but he doesn't have a choice.

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The Apple Dumpling Gang

We review the 1975 movie "TheApple Dumpling Gang" starring Tim Conway and Don Knotts.

Please leave us a comment or review at or call us at (206) 426-4305. Visit us at

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Escape to Witch Mountain We review the movie "Escape to Witch Mountain". Contact us at or call us at (206) 426-4305. Visit us at
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