Greeting Programs! We review Walt Disney's Tron from 1982.

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The Halloween Music SHow 2

For a second year, we use this special show to play music that gets us in the spirit of Halloween.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

We finally review our favorite movie just in time for the holidays. Wonder what Athena will rate this one? Listen for the Haunted Mansion Holiday ride thru at the end.

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Million Dollar Duck

We review another Dean Jones classic, from 1971 Walt Disney's The Million Dollar Duck.

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Alice in Wonderland

We watch and review Walt Disney's animated classic from 1951, Alice in Woderland and play an audio ride thru of the Disneyland attration.

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Toy Story 3 and our WDW Trip Review

We sit down and review our latest trip to Walt Disney World and review Pixar's newest movie Toy Story 3.

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The Cat from Outer Space

Almost after 2 months without doing a podcast we sit down and watch Walt Disney's 1978 sci fi comedy 'The Cat from Outer Space'. At the end of the show we play a song that's not Disney but Nickelodeon, but should be Disney the way it talks about reaching for your dreams.


Also, listen for the all new Mortis Minute's on Reedy Creek Radio.




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We watch another Disney movie starring Don Knotts and Tim Conway from 1976, Gus. Listen to see if we get a 'kick' out of it or not.

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Freaky Friday

We review the 1976 Walt Disney classic Freaky Friday.

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The Absent Minded Profesor

We review our first film starring Fred MacMurray, Diney's 1961 classic The Absent Minded Professor. We also play an audio recording that we made on our last trip to WDW in the Monsters Inc Laugh Factory.

Web page:



Phone:(206) 426-4305

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea We review Walt Disney's 1954 translation of Jules Verne's novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
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